Enjoy and tap into relaxing and healing powers of the magical Jeseníky mountains with abundance of clear air, creeks, pastures and woodland.  Your kids will love this gateaway place!

Planning a week long holiday? Here are seven great tips for trips and activities in Jeseníky that you should not miss out: 

  1. Velké Losiny – Papermill Manufacture from 16th century, new Thermal Spa and Chatteau in Losiny – Losinský zámek
  2. Dlouhé stráně – The Hydro Power Station will take your breath away!
  3. Vřesová studánka, Vozka a Japan Garden on Keprníku – best hikes in Jeseníky
  4. Check out Karlova studánka and set off on a trek to Ovčárnu údolím Bílé Opavy
  5. Rychlebské hory –  hidden and remote mountain ridge rolling into Poland. You must see the Račí Valley (údolí) with its Tančírna, Chatteau Jánský vrch. On the return trip do not miss out diving into the Vycpálek quarry. You will be amazed!
  6. Šumperk – Explore the history of the local witchcrafting
  7. Forest rail system in Podesní – Černá stráň

Seven night stays at CZK 11 900 include rent, bills, water, linen, towels and final cleaning.  Wifi and off-site parking is free of charge.