The mountains of Jeseníky are perfect for ski touring and backcountry skiing. There are an immense number of peaks to choose from, suitable for the experienced skier or for the beginner.
Faraway from the crowds, trekking through unbroken snow, breathing in fresh mountain air you will experience precious moments in pristine nature.
In good snow conditions you can set off right of the door steps of our log cabins for a one hour light tour to climb up the nearby peak Kluč. You will enjoy free rides through the woods with a long finishing long line on the steep pasture to come back.
Another excellent tour leads from a village called Anín (650 above sea level) via the hunters’ refuge Formanka to the Vozku peak (1377 above sea level). This single trip takes about 3.5 hours, while the return freeride/ride about 40 minuts. You will be amazed by the rock formation on the summit as well as endless magnificent views.